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what lies beneath

Short Film, 2022

Face to face with the grim reaper, a dying man's only wish is to revisit his past.

Writer and Director: Jaden Esse
Producers: Sadie Pelletier, Tom Bloxham

Cast: Dale Place, Max Clayton, Eloise Kropp

1st Assistant Director: Daniel Sotelo-Reiner

2nd Assistant Director: Henna Jamal
Director of Photography: Matt Walting
1st Assistant Camera: Isabella Escobedo

2nd Assistant Camera: Jenn Babick

Gaffer: Max Sidell
Grips: Tony Chen, Emily Cerutti

Production Designer: Mila Rolston

Costume Designer: Libby Moser

Choreographer: Parker Esse
Sound Mixer: Lindsay Campbell

Boom Operator: Annie Chen

Editor: Karungi Tibbs

Colorist: Avery Niles

Composer: Peter Namkoong

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