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just say goodbye

Feature Film, 2019

Sarah slashes down the days to her summer vacation trip with all the gusto of Zorro and his infamous 'Z', until she discovers her best friend's plot to end his life while she's away.

Director: Matt Walting

Writer: Layla O'Shea
Producers: Matt Walting, Layla O'Shea

Cast: Max MacKenzie, Katerina Eichenberger, Bill Galatis, Pamela Jayne Morgan, Jesse Walters

Production Designer: Marva Walting

Costume Designer: Penny Racicot

Director of Photography: Jeff Simons

Assistant Camera: Brianna O'Shea
Grip: Sam Budynkiewicz
Sound Mixer: Julian Brown

Makeup Artist: Giavanna LaChapelle
Stunt Coordinator: Mariah Suarez

Sketch Artists: Nathan Pluta, Zachary Clark, Gillian Gray, Hannah Polansky

Composer: Diana Jeffery

Additional Composer: Joshua Kaster
Sound Designer: Warren Amerman


Distributed by Leomark Studios

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