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the 40th annual evvy awards

TV Special, 2021

Celebrating 40 years, Emerson College's EVVY Awards returns post-pandemic with a pre-recorded awards model. Walting oversaw the technical production and visual direction of the special from start to finish.

Executive Producers: Cassie Shelley, Davin Roberts, Amanda Ryan

Director: Tom Coughlin

Talent: Anania Williams, Cedrick Ekra, Naomi Jones, Lea Neu, Thomas Chadwick

Technical Producer & Cinematographer: Matt Walting

Line Producer: Alli Hoag

Talent Producers: Mary Kuczkowski, Lily Marsh

Package Producers: Kat Mondor, Jess Niazian, Ava Straccia, Elliana Karris, Iain Alvidrez, Tyler Campbell

Head Writers: Max Murphy, Clare Jackson

Writers: Grace Guy, Isabel Leiser, August Gladstone, Zoe Teper, Abe Speck, Emily Hammond, Worlanyo Mensah, Jackie Cotter

Production Manager/Assistant Director: Jonah Higaonna

Stage Manager: Maia Tivoney

1st ASM: Anthony Feola

2nd ASMs: Alexandra Tawid, Carleigh Allen, Molly Bercutt, Selena Latouf

2nd Assistant Director: Victoria Interiano

Production Supervisor: Emily Soubasis
Script Supervisor: Rebecca Letts

Audio Managers: Jenna Tresidder, Juanma Suarez

Audio Assistant: Susan Eyring

Choreographer: Sara Hanellin

Assistant Choreographer: Rachel Lamarre

Wardrobe Supervisors: Munroe Shearer, Trixie Ward

Assistant Stylist: Ava Whiteley

Hair & Makeup: Lily Noyd

Photographer: Justin Schmalholz
Assistant Cameras: Abi Karl, Jacob Panzer, Jenna Ventrice, Orly Morris
Gaffer: Evariste Gindrey

Associate Studio Director: Kendall Bosio

Broadcast Jib: Rachel Westra

Broadcast Camera: Mikayla Pinto

Broadcast Technical Director: Grace Twomey

Broadcast Teleprompter: Trevor Yost

Scenic Designers: Emily Geldermann, Daniel Wozniak

Staging Supervisors: Sam Kisthardt, Baz Kouba

Lighting Designers: Josie Buckon, Grace Tuchman

Assistant Scenic Designers: Bella Pagan, Evonne Johnson

Paint Charge: Alex Mollo

Assistant Staging Supervisor: Mercy Suarez, Harley Novy

Assistant Lighting Designers: Joe Morales, Henry Kacik

Light Programmer: Miri Henerson

Post Production Supervisor: Hill Hardy

Editors: Kate Kiladis, Kendall Wood, Carla Pelino, Ailing McDermott, Casey Simoncic, Cara Fitzhugh, Ethan Stamm, Mackenzie Ramsey, Trevor Yost, Lily Sexton, Liza Ovsiannikov, Trinity Jackson

Colorist: Ben Cerauli

Sound Editor: Peter Namkoong

Lead Graphic Designer: Anna Lanza

Motion Graphics: Paige Thomas

Executive Assistants: Halle Korman, Coral Worley

Performance Coordinator: Hannah Cremins

Performance Assistant: Abby Griffith

Theater Judge Coordinator: Grace Twomey

Presenter Coordinators: Sunjin Chang, Emma Morrison

Sales & Sponsorship Coordinator: Jack Ferry

Sales & Sponsorship Assistant: Brendan Walker

Playbill Coordinator: Emeline Shepard

Submissions Coordinator: Lily Meehan-Egan

Assistant Marketing Director: Cayleigh Pine

Social Media Coordinator: Christina Sugimoto

Social Media Assistant: Lexi Semanchik

Web Masters: Abby Griffith, Miranda Nicusanti

Documentary Associate Producers: Kolbie Jones, Spencer Strickland, Nalany Guerrier

Researchers: Elise Michaud, Nena Hall

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