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begets: fall of a high school ronin

Stage, 2018

This action-packed samurai story – from the author of She Kills Monsters – tells the tale of Emi Edwards, a high school geekgurl fighting to overthrow the cruel shoguns of her school.

Written by Qui Nguyen

Directed by Dan Morbyrne
Produced by The Drama Studio

Stage Manager: Matt Walting

Assistant Stage Manager: Sena Yacteen
Lighting Designers: Craig Milne and Austin Yelinek

Costume Designer: Andrea Zax

Set Design: Craig Milne

Painter: Jessie Berliner

Projection Artist: Matt Walting

Sound Design: Dan Morbyrne

Fight Choreographer: Dan Morbyrne

Dance Choreographer: Angel Fisher

Puppet Designer: David Regan

Sound Operator: David MacArthur

Light Operator: Celeste Connell

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